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A country code, also known as ccTLDs (Country Code Top-Level Domains) are the best ways to connect with your customers from a particular country or sovereign state. They are the most popular domain names for businesses of all sizes and segments.


.gh – for Ghana
.uk – for UK


Generic, also known as gTLDs(Generic Top-Level Domains) are the best ways to mark your brand in the market. They build interest and awareness of your brand in the market. Enjoy the highest exposure by registering your business-related domain along with your country domain.


.edu – for Educational Institutions
.cake – for Cake Shop


Global domains, also known as TLDs (Top-Level Domains) are the best ways to target the global market. To make it more effective, many businesses or individuals register a Country domain and Global domain together. Interconnect your world by dissolving all the barriers.


.com – for Commercial
.org – for Organization

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Domain FAQ

What is a domain name?

Domain name is like an address of your online business. Once the domain name is set to your server space, your website gets visible on the internet. When anyone puts the domain name in the address bar, it will redirect them to the website with the same domain name. Example:

Can I buy the same domain name as my registered business name?

Yes, you can register such a domain name. But make sure you follow some tips while choosing a domain name just as you do to your business name. Suppose you have registered a business name as Fresh Cakes Ltd. then you wouldn't want to pick a domain name as

You can consider other options as seen below:

Can I use hyphens and numbers in my domain name?

Yes! Hyphens and Numbers can be used however, confuse your customers and hence, you need to avoid its use as far as possible. Like, if your juice bar name is 'Juice For All' then avoid using 'juice-for-all1' domain name. It may confuse your audience and will end up with them generating more typos.

Adhere to A to Z for your effective domain name.

Does my domain name choice affect SEO?

Yes, it does affect but not the only ranking factor. Having a targeted keyword in your domain name is a good sign of having an effective domain name.

What should be the length of my domain name?

Though the name part of a domain can contain a maximum 63 characters, it is always better to have a shorter domain name. Would you love to see as your domain name? It's confusing and difficult to remember right?

Your visitors will feel the same way about it. Keep it short. According to studies, it is found that the ideal length of a domain name is eight characters, but not every brand will be able to achieve it. A little guide as you choose your domain name

Do I need a .com domain name only?

No, there are other options also available.

E.g. for the non-profit organisation (organization) you may register a .org domain name.

You can choose the domain names as per the country code like, for Ghana .gh is available likewise, for the UK you have

You can search such different helpful domain extensions for your business.

Does my domain name expire?

Yes, domain registration lasts mainly from one to ten years. So, it is required by you to note the expiry date of your domain name and renew it before it expires. 

G Online Sites will remind you via SMS and Email when expiry approaches.

Can I use a domain name for emails?

Yes you can. It can be pointed to an email service provider just as is included in our web hosting packages, where you enjoy access to unlimited emails.

Domain emails also look professional for businesses.

I want to register / / / any requirement?

Guidelines for .gh Domain registration in Ghana under GH2-DOM (GhNIC)

1. Domains will generally be registered under these sub-domains:

    • i.e.
    • i.e.
    • i.e.
  1. The organization using the domain (owner) should have been registered in Ghana. Company registration documents will be required to complete registration.
  2. A letter of authorization will be required from the organization using the domain.
  3. The domain administrator must be located in Ghana and the company of the domain administrator should have been registered in Ghana.
  4. Primary DNS for the registered domain are encouraged to be in Ghana but not required.
  5. The domain should be more than three(3) characters. Eg. Exceptions are domains for school or academic institutions. Eg.
  6. Domain name should be active within six (6) months after registration.

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