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Q: Why do I need a website?

         A: People need websites for various reasons but one thing is for sure. It publicizes your outfit on the internet and makes your services available to all at the same time.


Q: What do I need to get a website?

         A: You need a domain name, a webhosting account and content for development of the wensite.


Q: How much does a website cost?

        A: Depends on several factors however in summary, you can get a website with Just ghs 250.00 for 2 years, you can get a website setup.


Q: What are some benefits of choosing ‘G Online Sites’?

        A: We provide you with the best services all in one. We stop at nothing till our clients are satisfied.


Q: I know owning and maintaining a website is very expensive, so why is ‘G Online Sites’ offers so affordable, could it be a fraud?

     A: Not at all! We are not fraudulent. We are a trusted growing web development company that demystifies the assumptions of associating web services with exhagerated costs.


Q: How do I get to started with creating a website with ‘G Online Sites’?

        A: Chat with the live support for assistance, call, email or use the contact us form.


Q: How long does it take to create a full Website?

        A: We a devoted with speed. It takes us 3 days to a period of one week to finish building your website. *This will need coperation from our clients by providing us with necessary content for the site and smooth payment to aid the process.


Q: What kinds of websites do you build?

         A: We build all forms of Websites. From Static Websites, through CMS Websites to Web Applications to suit your business.


Q: Do you redesign existing websites?

        A: Not satisfied with your current website? Trust it to us to redesign it for you.




Q: Where is my website hosted?

        A: We host your websites on a UK based server which is 99.99% up. No need to dream of a downtime.


Q: Why free hosting services, wont my website go down?

        A: Not at all. We have the finest options of free hosting for our clients with Backups.


Q: Can I opt for premium hosting?

       A: Yes you. We provide premium hosting too.




Q: What is the importance of a domain name?

        A: Domain name is a unique ID of your website on the internet and it helps people to visit your website directly when your domain name is visited. e.g. yourcompany.com


Q: How much does a domain name cost?

        A: From ghs50.00 you can down a domain name for a year. You have to renew to keep it.