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How to activate Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for Your Website?

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Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority, which provides free certificates, for TLS (i.e. Transport Layer Security) encryption. This SSL certificate is freely available to any web user, who wants to launch a website with HTTPS protocol for additional security. There is no cost for getting an SSL certificate issued and the installation process is completely transparent and easy with a full security guarantee.

The current process of installing SSL is so complex that you need to make manual creation for every entry, need to make validation, sign in to page, and install certificates for the websites. But, if you consider Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, it takes a few clicks for the installation, which you will see later in the article.


Key Points for Choosing Let’s Encrypt For Your Website:

1) Free SSL:

Let’s Encrypt certificates are completely free, there is absolutely no cost or hidden charges.

2) Ease of installation:

The process of installation is so easy that you can install SSL within a few clicks.

3) No email validation:

With the other SSL installation process, you may need to validate from buying authority, with email validation. But, Let’s Encrypt installation process is made so easy, that you don’t need to verify your mail-ID.

4) Auto-Renewal:

There is an option provided where you can set SSL certificate for auto-renewal.


The installation process for SSL certificate for your website:

1) Log-in to your cPanel control panel, select Let’s Encrypt SSL option: (or search for SSL)

SSL Option Cpanel

2) You need to choose the domain for which you wish to install the SSL, a new key and certificate will be generated for it. After clicking on Issue button, the key would be added to the SSL/TLS manager.

3) With the selected domain, you need to click on Issue button where you ask the Certificate Authority for the purchase of SSL certificate.

Note: If document root and install mail SMTPS/POP3S/IMAPS SSL certificates are already selected, you need to untick them.

4) That’s it!!! You have successfully generated Free SSL for your website.

If you find the process difficult, get in touch with our support team to install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on all your websites for FREE.

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