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How to Change Your cPanel Password

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This article will go over how to change your cPanel password. This password enables you to log in to your primary FTP account, SSH, MySQL, and cPanel.

  • The first thing you need to do is log in to cPanel.
  • On the cPanel home screen, you need to go to the Preferences section and click on Password and Security.

cPanel Password

  • Type your current password in the Old Password text box. Then, type the new password that you want in the New Password text box. Retype the new password in the New password (Again).
  • Lastly, you need to click on Change your password now, and immediately you will have a new password for your cPanel account. If you have forgotten your old password and you can’t access your account for any reason, please contact us for further assistance.


Alternatively, you can change your cPanel password from within your client area,

  • Log into your G Online Sites clientarea
    Select Products& services/Active Hosting
    Navigate to the product you wish to change the password for
    Click Manage (Settings or cog icon)
    Under Actions, click Change Password

Now you have successfully changed your password, you can log in using the new password.



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